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Xeltek Offers Same Day Support

February 7th, 2011 sohail Comments off

With a renewed and expanded team, XELTEK is proudly announcing its SAME DAY SUPPORT for technical and sales inquiries. It is available to help customers and representatives resolve issues or help with their requests in an effective way. This service is provided by our highly qualified new support team that will provide the best of their knowledge to bring prompt sales and technical support.

Xeltek’s sales and techsupport team is located in California, USA; which falls into Pacific Time (UTC-8). Our one day support is mostly delivered within a couple of hours, but depending on the type of request and time zone conflicts, some delays may be expected. Delays may be most common with international customers from Far East Asia, where answers may be received the morning after inquiries are submitted. We apologize in advance for this inconvenience.

Services can be used to contact Xeltek Support Team:

Phone Calls - Mon-Fri 7:30AM-12:00PM & 1:00PM – 4:30PM (PST)

Create a Ticket – Create your support ticket, and follow the progress online

Live Chat – Mon-Fri 7:30AM-12:00PM & 1:00PM – 4:30PM (PST)

Voice-To-Email – +1 (408) 905-XLTK , call and leave a message

FAQ – Check previously asked question, or submit new questions

Forum – Share your questions with other SuperPro users

Blog & RSS – Follow Xeltek updates closely

“Same day support for Xeltek is a demonstration of our commitment to give our best to our customers; and enhancing support quality by managing the time frame effectively is our motto for the sake of becoming the industry leader,” as spoken by Sam Kim, the president of Xeltek Inc.

We realize that while Xeltek offers the best of the device programmers industry, it is also within our users’ expectations to receive the best treatments and prompt responses to their requests. Our aim is to maximize customer satisfaction and maintain long-lasting and loyal relationships.


Shining Star of the Industry: Xeltek SuperPro® and its Achievements

February 19th, 2010 sohail Comments off

As of third week of Feb. 2010, Superpro5000/5004GP device support reached 58,149. This is the largest number in the industry today. So, what does this number mean and how is Xeltek able to support such a large number of devices?

First, Xeltek has 25 years history in the programming business with vast accumulation of technical expertise in which originally found in 1985 under another name until its name had been changed to Xeltek in 1991. Xeltek has a large team of development engineers with experience lasting for more than 15 years in one company. This is a feature, which few other companies can claim.

Second, we make it our goal to support any and all programmable devices available in the market. Our dedicated staffs scour IC manufacturer industry in order to find new devices to support. We do not wait until customers contact us for support.

Third, Xeltek upgrades programmer hardware continuously in order to be able to support new devices. Circuit development has migrated by following the sequence from a simple FPGA based >> 8bit MCU +FPGA >> ARM7 MCU+ FPGA + Linux >> ARM9 MCU + Linux+ FPGA and now toward ARM11 MCU+ FPGA + Linux. Such a dedication is aimed at providing full support for all programmable devices available in the industry.

Xeltek aims to provide high quality and performance products at a reasonable cost. Xeltek China has been set up and in operation since 1992. It has been growing steadily over the years expanding in engineering, manufacturing, sales, and support. As a result, we are proud to provide high performance products at very reasonable cost to customers in the world market today.

Xeltek adds more than 1,000 new devices each month. Users download updated list free from Xeltek website. Users of SuperPro 3000U have seen their device count doubling in the last several years just like SuperPro 5000/5004GP showed the similar success last year. Their programmer value have increased substantially over time! Many companies talk about providing free device updates, but only Xeltek delivers true high value to users each and every year.

Xeltek SuperPro 5000/5004GP currently supports 58K+ devices and 60K device support maybe already passed while you are reading this article. This is a true milestone and a new standard of the industry unmatched by any other company.

Stand-alone and PC mode programming technology was perfected and made practical by Xeltek and has been in use for the last 6 years. As a result, Xeltek programmers are well adapted for both Engineering development and volume manufacturing. Currently, Xeltek programmers occupy more than 70% of the very large Chinese Engineering and Manufacturing market. Expensive automated programmers have been largely driven out from the Chinese market and replaced by Xeltek SuperPro Stand-alone programmers. Both Data I/O and BPM System has limited presence in the country today. One will often find that a large electronic manufacturer will use 100’s of Xeltek programmers in their manufacturing line.

We are proud of where we are right now, and our parabolic-ally increasing success will continue…


SuperPro Z: Real-life Experience by Glenn Clabough

September 28th, 2009 sohail Comments off

SuperPro Z ages just like wine. It is still one of the best performance low-cost programmers for the device programming industry. Xeltek has manufactured first SuperPro Z many years ago. After SuperPro Z, Xeltek introduced 12 new models. Some of those programmers discontinued some of them will be discontinued but SuperPro Z still keeps its reputation without any question. It has more than everything you need for simple programming experience. And the cost is too low compare with the value.

We would like you to meet with Glenn. He is a hobbyist and a big fan of Xeltek SuperPro Z just like others. We met him on a DIY forum site. And he was so kind to share his time and experiences with us. Glenn starts as…

“…some of my more fun projects was rewriting bios on an old sx2 to run XP and web bios. Funny thing was it zoomed online video and all, Xeltek SuperPro Z universal EPROM programmer is the $hit for any would be hacker/programmer/EETwizard. as far as the old-old stuff you can keep it stock and collect software for retro museum collections but most of it is done gone. I done quite a bit of factory and office upgrades in the last 15 years and pretty much got one of everything to be had but I know I have recycled 50 million in computers at their new price any way.”

Glenn is a do-it-yourself guy with lots of humor “…I love turning them into robots, automate things with them or even run my cool programs…” and continues as “…Though in truth, probably 30% of my uses are hardcore hacking of existing equipment like converting old FedEx label printers to work as roll printers with standard drivers and PC. My favorite uses in hobby robotics, homebrew computer design while my most common and daily use is in automating factories and military base buildings/equipment some of which is security clearance required stuff..

So I could say,

I know I can depend on my “SuperPro Z universal programmer” to be capable of handling all my chip level programming and duplication needs while still being small and portable enough to fit into a brief-case with my laptop and other tools for carry-on and yet rugged enough to handle travel or even a short drop from the desk… “

And Glenn adds “…the “Xeltek development software” is as good as I have ever seen and full featured to do anything you might want. Knowing our worlds’ dependence on electronics and knowing machines on this level “when first opening the Box you realize your now holding the master key’s to national security on every level and your own ethics/morals and skill are the only boundaries that really exist!!!”…

Glenn obviously has his own way to make SuperPro Z use out of it. But the governing idea behind this chat was drawing the fact that SuperPro Z is still an important part of our lives. And it ages like wine, but still shining like an old star.

SuperPro Z webpage

Contact Glenn Clabough
iamdenteddisk (at) yahoo (dot) com
www (dot) denteddisk (dot) com


WHY PEOPLE CHOOSE XELTEK: What separates SuperPro® from all other programmers?

May 19th, 2009 sohail Comments off

Do you need to program different devices all the time? And, you get tired of searching for the right programmer for your specific device each time? Or, you don’t want to pay many times for several cheap programmers?


Get one SuperPro programmer, and program more than 46,000 different devices with it. Hundreds of new devices are being added to this list every other day. The 46,000 devices support with SuperPro 5000 and SuperPro 3000U gives you the largest number for universal device programmer industry. Xeltek competes with itself only! Why on earth do you need another one?


Most of SuperPro models support PC mode operation for engineering and Stand-Alone mode operation (No PC needed) for volume production. We develop device algorithms separately for both modes; it is like buying two programmers in one.


No need to pay ten thousands of dollars. SuperPro® is capable of programming & verifying 1 Gb NAND Flash in 108 seconds with fastest ARM9 MCU employed for ultra fast performance. SuperPro customers receive the greatest value for a device programmer. Considering the money you pay, and the device count number you get, you are paying less than $0.026 per device. This is a result of expertise and hard-work of Xeltek’s development team.


Comprehensive device package type supports through 1000+ socket adapters available. “Device Search” tool on the web allows one to quickly find device(s) and match it with the programmer for your budget. Telephone is answered by a live person and Live-Chat support provides expedient support to customers.


Xeltek has been in business with non-stop development and introduction of new products for about 20 years and growing each year. Currently owns the largest market share in the industry worldwide. Proudly provides the best performance, price, value, and support in the industry.

We promise that you will get more than what you pay!!!


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