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Comparing Programmers

January 22nd, 2013 admin Comments off

Here at Xeltek, we sell top of the line programmers such as SuperPro 5000, SuperPro 5000E, SuperPro M, SuperPro 500P, SuperPro 501S, SuperPro ISO1 and many others. Obviously, we are not alone in this market and we have competitors. However, we strongly believe that our programmers are superior compared to other brands. We provide the best/latest technology, superb design and outstanding customer service. We would like to provide you with some links below to help you judge as to which competitor programmer that is comparable is inferior to our programmers here at Xeltek.


Universal Programmers

48-Pin Universal Programmer Comparison Table

144-Pin Universal Programmer Comparison Table

Xeltek vs. Competitors

Xeltek SuperPro vs. Advantech LabTool Comparison Table

Xeltek SuperPro vs. B&K Precision Comparison Table

Xeltek SuperPro vs. Conitec Galep Comparison Table

Xeltek SuperPro vs. Data IO 48-Pin Programmers Comparison Table Most Viewed

Xeltek SuperPro vs. Dataman Pro Comparison Table

Xeltek SuperPro vs. EE Tools ChipMax Comparison Table Most Viewed

Xeltek SuperPro vs. Elnec BeeProg Comparison Table Most Viewed

Xeltek SuperPro vs. Leap Electronics Comparison Table

Xeltek SuperPro vs. Phyton ChipProg Comparison Table

Xeltek SuperPro vs. Wellon Comparison Table

For more links please refer to our article that has the full list:


Multiprogramming using Xeltek SuperPro 5000/5000E/SP501S Programmers

August 1st, 2012 admin Comments off

This article will help you to easily build your own cascade of 1 to 4 Superpro5000/E or Superpro 501S programmers by connecting it to a single PC enabling smooth Transition from Engineering to Production!


SP5000/E or SP501S programmers can be used in a multiprogramming mode using a single PC and connecting 1 to 4 programmers to the PC via USB hub. This function is only provided by SUPERPRO/5000, SUPERPRO/5000E,SUPERPRO/501S.

Following are the 4 easy steps:

  1. Install SP5000 software from the following link: and buy a Xeltek authorized USB hub and
  2. Connect 1 to 4 SP5000/SP5000E programmers to a single PC via USB hub depending on your requirement.
  3. Find muti_p.exe in the folder “bin” in the directory where your SP5000’s software is installed.
  4. Run it then following interface shows up.

“muti_p.exe” can manage four modules. The main screen is a management interface that controls the hardware of the programmer by sending commands to the SP5000 software. After the main interface, the process of communicating with the SP5000 software starts automatically.

If the system does not find the programmer or something is wrong with a module, select

Disconnect to cancel the connection. Then check the connection between the hardware and computer. Select Connect to reconnect.

“muti_p.exe” has administrator mode and producer mode. In administrator mode, users can set

projects and save them, then entering producer mode, users can load these project. In producer

mode, users can load different project for different module or load the same project for all the

modules. It’s very convenient and flexible.

NOTE: the hub used to connect SP5000s should be specified by XELTEK

By using Multiple SuperPro Programmers in production mode, the benefits are,

1.  Ultra-Fast programming.

2.  Minimal investment in the beginning.

3.  Low cost of ownership and easy expandability (1 to 4 units to a single PC).

4.  Up to 70,179+ devices supported, highest among the gang programmers.

5.  All ranges of socket adapters available. Over 1000 socket adapters are available.

6.  Minimal downtime and ease of service.

7.  Fast new device update service free of charge.

8.  Low labor cost of the operator.

For further details, please contact


Cluster Programming Applications

July 24th, 2012 admin Comments off

SuperPro 5000, SuperPro 501S and SuperPro 3000U are programmers with dual functionality: universal programmer for engineering applications as well as a manufacturing programmer for volume production. For production operation, aforesaid SuperPro programmers operate in stand-alone (without a PC attached) mode. SuperPro 3000U supports 47,893 devices from 208 manufacturers while SuperPro 5000 supports 73,295 devices including EPROM, EEPROM and Flash memory, PIC, AVR and other popular microcontrollers and PLDs.

By operating multiple programmers simultaneously, SuperPro Programmers can be used in a high volume production environment.

How to operate Stand-Alone mode for production operation?

In Stand-alone mode, the programmer is no longer connected to a PC and operation is done through the keyboard and LCD display built into the programmer.

In Stand-Alone mode operation, an optional Compact Flash (CF) card needs to be plugged into the programmer in order to store project files and device programming algorithms.

Project files contains user data, chip programming setup information, chip configuration data, auto programming command sequence, and etc.  In order to operate in stand-alone mode, the programmer has to be connected to a PC.  Then the device algorithm(s) have to be selected and transferred to the programmer and project file(s) created and transferred to the programmer.

In order to create and transfer project file(s), run Programmer in PC-host mode and execute the operations that you want to perform in stand-alone mode.  Save the project to your hard drive and transfer the project file to the CF card.  You can do this by using “Save Project” and “StandAlone” options under “Project” menu.

Users can complete all the batch commands by selecting the particular project file for the chip to be programmed prior to inserting the chip.  After the project file is set, the operator is to swap the chips for production mode programming.  No other keystroke are needed as long as the same algorithm and data are used.  Downloading the project file to CF card can only be done under PC-host mode.  Doing this is to simplify the operation under stand-alone mode and to avoid errors caused by potential operations mishandled.  The CF card is used for storing project file and is also used as data buffer.  One CF card can store multiple project files according to its capacity and the size of the files.

After turning on the unit for the first time, the unit will initialize itself by a power on check. One of the steps the unit will check is to see if a compact flash (CF) card is present and plugged in for operation. The user must make sure a CF card is properly plugged in before the power on. Without the presence of a CF card in the slot, the display will show “CF Card Error” right after initializing of the unit and the ERROR indicator light will be lit. To remedy the problem power the unit off and plug in the CF card, and then turn the power back on. The recommended CF card capacity is 128MB minimum. Can be 512 MB.

To read the rest of this article pls visit our main article at:


Common Xeltek SuperPro Memory Card Errors

August 23rd, 2011 sohail Comments off

Please find couple common questions usually SuperPro users experience;

Question : I am using SP5000/SP5000E/SP501S programmer and getting CF card error on LCD screen whenever I press any button. Please help.
Answer : Please insert a Compact Flash card in programmer before pressing any button on your programmer. If you don’t have CF card then please use the programmer in PC mode or buy a CF card from the following link:
Question : When I insert 2GB CF card into SP501S, “Project FAT Error” message appears on LCD.
Answer : You may be copying project file on Compact Flash card using a memory card reader/writer which is incorrect mehod. Please download project file on CF card of SP501S using SP501S software only.
1.     Please connect the SuperPro 501S programmer (or other SuperPro Standalon Programmers) to the PC. Insert CF card and open the software.

2.     Now download the projectflile on CF card
3.     Restart the programmer to operate it in standalone mode.

Pls also refer to the following web page for more information on standalone operation:

All these questions and many others can be found with their answers on our FAQ page;

our new user friendly interface will help you to find any answer to your question within couples of seconds. In case you find no matching question, please submit yours;

Please contact if you have further questions.


Clustering Device Programmers: Evolution beyond Conventional Gang Programmers

May 19th, 2009 sohail Comments off

Clustering Device Programmers: Evolution beyond Conventional Gang Programmers

If you have used or are thinking of getting a device programmer for your computer hardware needs, then you have likely heard of and are considering the purchase of universal device programmers which Xeltek offers you a range of. Universal programmers have been met with tremendous success overseas and have to used to great effect because of their efficacy, superior quality and their ability to be highly customizable. Hitherto, the typical choice for volume programming of ICs has been use of Traditional Gang programmers which may come with 4, 8, or 16 programming sockets. However, this is an old technology and there are following limitations in this:

  1. With Traditional Gang programmers all programming sockets are controlled by one controller and with one data buffer, which limits flexibility.
  2. Programming of chips is done simultaneously but verifying is done sequentially. In other words, the 8 socket programmer does not provide 8 times the output. It may provide 5 to 6 times the output.
  3. Many of today’s gang programming applications require to be programmed with different data for each chip. The serial number, the configuration data and the calibration data are different for each chip. Since a traditional gang programmer has only one data buffer, all chips have to be programmed with same data. Therefore, traditional gang programmers are unable to support such applications.

This is where SuperPro gang programmers separate from traditional gang programmers. Unlike deficiencies that have been explained above, SuperPro gang programmers support all applications above and avoid any inadequacy by its technologically advanced design.

Unfortunately, with gang programmers a choice has to be made at the outset as regards the number of programming sockets. This is because a future upgrade to higher sockets is difficult owing to the fact that new equipment would have to be purchased again at high cost.

Cluster programming by use of individual programmers solve all of the problems present in the gang programmers applications. The advent of stand-alone programmer, which operates by itself without a PC attached, makes cluster programming ideal. Xeltek has been producing stand-alone programmers for the last 5 years and is now a world leader in the stand-alone programmer market.

Xeltek gives you the option different kinds of programmers of which give people the option of buying according to their requirement:

  • The single ZIF socket device programmers such as SuperPro 5000, SuperPro 501S, SuperPro 3000U, etc are used typically for engineering applications and
  • The gang programmers such as SUPERPRO 5004GP, SUPERPRO 9000U are used typically for volume production.

Each of these have their own unique application which needs to be considered before deciding what is suitable for every individual requirement. Before you decide to buy a programmer, it is useful to consider the qualities and particular capability of each so that you can make an informed decision about what is right for you:

  • Xeltek’s Gang programmers are equipped with 4ea high speed 48pin DIP programming sockets (SuperPro 5004GP has 144pin) and they support over 40,000 devices (SuperPro 5004GP supports more than 46,000 devices) at this time which number is growing. This is more than any gang programmer can support in the market right now. These gang programmers support more than 1000 socket adapters.
  • Asynchronous fast programming is ensured by each module being independent from one another. The programming starts automatically when a chip is inserted.
  • In order to be able to cluster programmers, the individual or single programmers should support the Stand-alone or PC free programming mode or feature.
  • It is usually recommended that SuperPro 3000U and SuperPro 501S can be clustered.
  • For production operation, SuperPro 3000U N*Cluster & SuperPro 501S N*Cluster operate in stand-alone (without a PC attached) mode. Just insert the chip and the programming operation is totally hands-free. By operating multiple programmers simultaneously you can use them in high volume production environment.
  • Since there is no requirement for a host PC for the running of the programmer, there is no requirement for hiring skilled labor for the operation which translates into savings.
  • The fact that the clustering device programmer is based on the operating hands free mode and does not require any PC screen operation, it is able to minimize operator error as well, which is a not inconsiderable advantage and which one would have to take into account.
  • You have the added benefit of being able to ensure the security of your data because you have the option of removing the CF cards at end of each day and storing them separately with this device programmer.
  • When using this device programmer, you will find that when you want to make the changeover from the engineering stage to the manufacturing phase, it is a smooth and painless transition since you use the same programmer and CF card for data storage for the engineering phase.
  • It is possible for a person to be able to easily operate 10 or more programmers concurrently; this offers the flexibility in 1-N sockets instead of fixed 8 sockets.
  • Xeltek has conducted tests which have shown that 5 or 6 sets of SUPERPRO 501S operating concurrently are able to produce the same throughput as an 8gang programmer programming the chipset (27C322) at 240 seconds.

These are just some of the factors that you should consider when you are undertaking the purchase for gang device programmers.


New Programmers are on the Market: SuperPro 501S and SuperPro 500P

May 19th, 2009 sohail Comments off

Xeltek is very proud to announce another milestone for programming industry. Hereby, we introduce you the new age universal device programmers: SuperPro 500P and SuperPro 501S. Both programmers are low priced, supports ultra-fast programming, programs & verifies 64 Mb NOR FLASH memory in 11.3 seconds and 64 Mb EEPROM in 43 seconds, provides high voltage safety for hardware, PC hosted and Stand-alone mode (only SuperPro 501S) operations supported, comes with 20,000+ device support including all major brands and renown devices, has built-in with 48 universal pin-drivers, and compatible with Windows XP x32/x64 and Windows Vista.

Xeltek SuperPro 500P Programmer is designed identical with SuperPro 5000 programmer structure. It has 32 bit ARM9 MCU which gives the capability of 3 to 5 times faster programming speed compare to SuperPro 3000U. To support today’s most complex devices, the programmer built in 48 universal pin drivers, and it is not expandable unlike SuperPro 3000U or SuperPro 5000. SuperPro 500P is supporting only PC hosted mode and the price is $845.00

Unlike SuperPro 500P Programmer, SuperPro 501S Programmer can be controlled in either PC hosted mode or Stand-alone mode operations. Under PC hosted mode, the programmer can be controlled via a high-speed USB2.0 connection, while in stand-alone mode; the user controls the programmer via 20-characters, 4-line LCD display with 6-KEY keypad. Besides that, in stand-alone mode, the user can operate multiple units to cluster them as a gang programmer. By operating multiple programmers simultaneously, SuperPro 501s programmer can be use in a high volume production environment. This is a great approach that Xeltek provides to its customers. Start with 2 units to cluster and by the time your manufacturing line gets larger, add unlimited programmers on to your bundle as if it is a gang programmer. This gives the flexibility and cost efficiency with its scalability. Considering the $995.00 listing price, SuperPro 501S is nothing but a steal.

Both programmers, SuperPro 500P and SuperPro 501s; will sweep the market with its highly advance capabilities and very low market prices.


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